Cleaning Services

Chemical and General Cleaning are services provided by to cater to the increasing demand in providing a clean and safe environment for people.

If you just bought a new place or intend to rent your place out to people, you will definitely need to give the place a clean job to get it ready for stay.

Chemical & General Cleaning Packages:(includes all chemical and cleaning equipment)
HDB 3 room & < 900 sqft: $300
HDB 4 room & <1000 sqft: $400
HDB 5 room & <1300 sqft: $500
HDB EXEC & MAINSIONATE > 1301 sqft : $600


1) Cleaning of All furnitures(Internal/External)( bedrooms/Living room/Kitchen)
2) Cleaning of windows Internal only
3) Cleaning of all flooring
4) Chemical washing to toilets and kitchen

5) Cleaning of lightings and Fans

6) Cleaning of all furnitures and cabinets

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Product We Use

metal paint

Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac

  • Easy wash-up with water
  • Quick drying
  • Non-toxic; does not contain lead, mercury or heavy metals
  • Akaline resistant