Metal and Wood Painting

Metal Painting Services is Provided by in Singapore for a simple reason. There is a lack of professional doing metal painting services that know the right coating needed and skills to provide a long lasting and reliable service.

Without the proper coating to protect the metal, replacing it will be of high cost to the owner which is not feasible to properties owner.

Metal Painting Services is catered for the building industry, oil and gas industry , marine industry and any industry that needs professional metal painting services.

Speak to our Metal Painting Specialist on your requirement and received the best advise and service from US!

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Product We Use

Anti-bacterial paint

3-in-1 Medifresh

  • Anti-bacterial formula lasts up to 5 years useful for the inhibition of asthma, flu & diarrhea
  • Elegant soft sheen finish
  • Long-lasting colours
  • Covers hairline cracks