Find out how we manage to have more then 500 home owners coming to us for painting year after year! 

We provides Painting Services in Singapore for your HDB flats from one bedroom to a mansionatte. This is a market that Paintland can never give up as this is the particular market that we started providing painting services.

On average, we provide painting to 500 homes yearly in the HDB and Condo market for new home owners as well as resale flats. This yearly works have enable us to be very good at what we are doing and allow us to have a lot of referral from customers who hired us before to do their homes.

Giving your precious home a new coat of 100% NIPPON & DULUX quality paint to give it a fresh and clean look as well as bring out the atmosphere that you longed after simply with adding new colours to your walls and wooden or metal features.

HDB Painting Services are only guaranteed with the best products and professionally trained Painters for your valued homes. We will show you the process of the painting works that will be carried out at your place be it empty or already staying in filled with furnitures.

Process of HDB and Condo Painting:

1) Free on Site Survey
2) Discussion of existing conditions
3) Discussion of Colour concept
4) Laying of site protection
5) Patching of wall cracks
6) Application of 1 coat of sealer
7) Application of 2 coats of paint


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