pride herself as a professional landed house painting services specialist. Using only the best quality material from Nippon Paint, Dulux Paint, Jotun Paint and SKK Paint as well as using scaffolding and gondolas to access heights following the right safety standards, We were able to provide professional landed house services to our valued clients in Singapore.

With years of experience and track records for taking care of landed properties, We believe that we can take great care of your landed properties to our utmost quality and safety standards.

Landed houses painting services focus on 2 aspect mainly exterior painting services and interior painting services.

For interior painting services, proper process and recommended type of paint will be proposed to every home owner be it empty units or currently staying in.

For exterior painting services, safety and recommended painting systems are of utmost importance as height assess are needed and provided as well as exterior walls assessment before recommending the right painting process for a 5 years warranty.

Landed homes painting services are not as straightforward as painting a HDB or a Condo unit. Proper scheduling and planning are necessary to provide a total hassle free painting service to allow owners to have a very enjoyable experience in painting their homes. Landed homes have a range of services that are needed like interior painting services exterior painting services, wood and metal  painting as well as any waterproofing issues due to the natural environment as well as bad care of the walls during stay. We do have a standard and stringent process that we follow through step by step to get the most suitable paint system for your home.

Process of Painting Exterior:
1) Assessment of Walls conditions like water density of walls
2) Erection of Scaffolding works or any height access equipments and protection
3) Wash down of existing exterior walls with water jet.
4) Patching of cracks
5) Application of 1 coat of sealer either water or oil based depending on conditions
6) Application of 2 coats of paint weatherproof
7) Application of oil based Paint to wood or metal
8) Inspection and clean up

Process of Painting Interior:
1) Moving of furnitures
2) Laying of protection to floor and furnitures
3) Patching of wall cracks
4) Application of 1 coat of sealer if necessary
5) Application of 2 coats of interior paint

Landed homes Painting servicesare provided with the partnership of the various brands to provide a 5 years warranty for exterior painting services .The only way to have a guaranteed warranty is only using geniune and top quality paints and professional service provided by Paintland Construction


Landed houses Painting Services includes :

  • Terrace Houses
  • Semi Detached Houses
  • Detached Houses
  • Good Class Bungalows
  • Shophouses
  • Clustered Houses


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