provides the following services to provide a full house maintenance solution to our valued customers.

Parquet Varnishing Services is provided to maintain parquet flooring to ensure a lasting and beautiful and smooth outlook of the flooring for your home. The cost to change a whole new set of parquet flooring if not well taken care of is expensive and thus maintaining it regularly will save a lot of money .

Our Packages are as follows:

1 Bed Room: $500
2 Bed Room: $600
3 Bed Room: $700

1) First we will fully sand off the old varnish to bare wood finishing
2) Sealing and patching of gaps
3) Apply 1-2 coats of new varnish to bared wood

Marble Polishing Services is provided to to maintain marble flooring found in most condomimiums and landed properties in Singapore. Marble loses it shines after prolong periods of sun and also constant use of the floor due to walking around. After too long a period without care, the natural stone will lose it shine forever. Taking care of it is essential and over a period of time, cost saving will be substantial for owners and tenants.

Marble Polishing Package:
up to 499 sqft: $550
500 sqft up: $1.20 per sq ft

1) Grind down existing marble flooring with diamond stone
2) Patching and sealing with marble slug or glue
3) Polishing of marble flooring to shine

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