Why Do You Need A Paint Job?

1)Paint Peeling
2)Paint Discolouration
3)Paint Chalky/Powdery
4)Paint Mouldy
5)Paint Forming Algae
6)Paint Turning Yellowish
7)Paint Cracking Up
8)To Sell To Rent
9)Return To Owner
10)Want A Change Of Colours
11)Big Occasion Coming Up
12)Want To Change The Mood Of Your Place
13)Just Got The Keys To A New Place
14)Need A Paint Job For Health Reasons
15)Need A Suitable Paint For Your Family


What You Will Be Getting From Us?

After a short phone call and you decide to meet up with us free of charge for a no obligation onsite visit. This is where we will go into more details on the different types of paint, the different applications steps that we will do upon understanding what issues you have that gives you a need to repaint your house. We will also go deep into details on the whole process and timeline to make sure you are 100% clear with every step that we will be doing.

What Are Our Guarantees To You?

This is where the magic takes place. Following strictly to our paint proposal, we will work our magic as professional painters to give you the colours, the concept, the issues you want to solve within a timeline that we agreed upon without you lifting a finger. Not forgetting our 30 days repaint guarantee and 2 years warranty that we offer to you which will provide as a guideline for us to make sure we do a good job for you.


Basic Paint Packages Using Nippon Paint


  • 2 room flat $500
  • 3 room flat $550
  • 4 room flat $750
  • 5 room flat $850
  • Executive $950
  • Mansionatte $1200
  • <600sqft $550
  • <900sqft $650
  • <1100sqft $750
  • <1300sqft $850
  • <1500sqft $950
  • >1401sqft $1050
  • Inter Terrace $2000
  • Corner Terrace $2500
  • Semi Detached $2800
  • Detached $3500
  • Shophouse Free Onsite Quote
  • Good Class Bungalow FOQ
  • Inter Terrace $1500
  • Corner Terrace $2500
  • Semi Detached $3000
  • Detached $4000
  • Shophouse Free Onsite Quote
  • Good Class Bungalow FOQ
  • Offices Free Onsite Quote
  • Warehouse Free Onsite Quote
  • Factories Free Onsite Quote
  • Education Centres Free Onsite Quote
  • Medical Facilities Free Onsite Quote
  • Religion Establishments Free Onsite Quote


  • Have a residential or commercial property that needs a Painting job done
  • Within your Budget
  • Need it done FAST
  • Interior & Exterior Painting ON DEMAND
  • Mobilised in 24hours!
  • All Prices are fixed upon confirmation
  • We GUARANTEE honest & competitive pricing
  • 100% Guaranteed NIPPON Paint
  • Registered Painting Company with ACRA(53230884X)
  • Get your place painted in 24-48 hours
  • WE Protect you properties
  • We guaranteed your place is cleaned
  • ZERO Disruption to Lifestyle
  • 2 years warranty for all Paint Works
  • In-House Project Managers & Painters