Always A Better Choice Here.

You are in here and wondering why we are a better choice compared to every other painters you spoke or visited their website. Simply put, we are real painters going up to your premises and actually does the painting job for you. Rather then outsourcing the jobs like many websites or paint manufacturers, we keep pricing competitive without adding in the middleman cost. This will easily save you a good 30%-50% of real cash painting your place with us!

Be it your interior walls or exterior walls, we get it done for you in a professional way with a systematic approach that you will get to understand and visualise even before you say Yes Lets Do This!


Worried About The Paint Quality?

We hear this so many times, we felt shameful of what has this painting industry that we have been in for the past 10 years become. Using low quality paint or mixing up low quality paint to paint your home or businesses after you contracted them. This is so common in our industry due to many home owners believing in low ball prices that many freelancers or even reputable painting companies are pushing to their clients. Many times ending up having to repaint their homes or businesses when problems on the walls surface due to low quality paint and workmanship.

In fact, there has been a influx of illegal workers using bad paint but providing crazy cheap prices in the market this few years! 

With us , you can feel safe. We make it a point to get our paint direct from paint manufacturers 100% brand new for every single premise we paint. All paint will be delivered up to you 1 day before to make sure all is good before we start our paint job. We do not compromise on quality!

Fastest Turnover In The Market

Scared that you need to wait too long to get your home or businesses painted? We pride ourselves as the fastest painters in town without compromising on quality and skills. Mastering this craft day after day, years after years, its already muscle memory to us. From doing the proper protection and moving of your furnitures to preparing your walls to be ready for painting, we get it done FAST and PROFESSIONALLY! Be it you living in the unit or operating in your premise, we have the systems and procedures to get it done on time!


So Are You Ready To Start Painting Your Home Or Office?
Check Out Our Lowest Priced Painting Packages Below.


  • 2 room flat $500
  • 3 room flat $600
  • 4 room flat $800
  • 5 room flat $900
  • Executive $1000
  • Mansionatte $1300
  • <600sqft $500
  • <900sqft $700
  • <1100sqft $800
  • <1300sqft $1000
  • <1400sqft $1100
  • >1401sqft $1200
  • Inter Terrace $2000
  • Corner Terrace $2500
  • Semi Detached $2800
  • Detached $3500
  • Shophouse Free Onsite Quote
  • Good Class Bungalow FOQ
  • Inter Terrace $1500
  • Corner Terrace $2500
  • Semi Detached $3000
  • Detached $4000
  • Shophouse Free Onsite Quote
  • Good Class Bungalow FOQ
  • Offices Free Onsite Quote
  • Warehouse Free Onsite Quote
  • Factories Free Onsite Quote
  • Education Centres Free Onsite Quote
  • Medical Facilities Free Onsite Quote
  • Religion Establishments Free Onsite Quote


  • Have a residential or commercial property that needs a Painting job done
  • Within your Budget
  • Need it done FAST
  • Interior & Exterior Painting ON DEMAND
  • Mobilised in 24hours!
  • All Prices are fixed upon confirmation
  • We GUARANTEE honest & competitive pricing
  • 100% Guaranteed NIPPON Paint
  • Registered Painting Company with ACRA(53230884X)
  • Get your place painted in 24-48 hours
  • WE Protect you properties
  • We guaranteed your place is cleaned
  • ZERO Disruption to Lifestyle
  • 2 years warranty for all Paint Works
  • In-House Project Managers & Painters