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3 Things To Take Note Of When Doing Exterior Painting Services

In Singapore, there are an estimate of 70,000 landed properties and many more commercial, industrial and residential buildings that requires repainting works every 5-10 years.

If you notice, HDB estates and Condominiums repaint their exterior once every 5-7 years. Why is this so?

Beside making sure to maintain clean and well protected exterior walls, it is to make sure exterior walls are well coated with sealer and fresh coats of paint to prevent the exterior walls from being damaged from waterproofing or leakages issues.

As exterior are exposed to the rain, sun and pollutant, it is necessary to carry out repair and repainting works in a scheduled 5-7 years to make sure the building’s facade are well maintained and not exposed to more damage.

Today, we will share 3 things that you as a home owner will have to take note when repainting your exterior.

The first thing to take note is the moisture density within your walls. This is crucial to determine the paint process or type of paint and surface preparation needed to make sure your exterior walls are prepared well before painting.

The second thing to pay attention is the built up of your landed property or building. By understanding the built up and surrounding layout will determine the height access needed to get the exterior painting done. There are various type of height access like mobile scaffolding, timber scaffolding, boom lift, gondola or rope access that can be deployed to carry out exterior painting.

The third thing to understand is the whole process of repainting your exterior. Paint manufacturers partners with qualified paint companies like Paintland to carry out exterior painting that carries a warranty of 5 years or more depending on the brand of paint. Make sure the painter that you selected follows these steps

  1. Jet washing your exterior
  2. Patching up of hairline cracks
  3. Application of 1 coat of exterior sealer
  4. Application of 2 coats of exterior paint

These steps are the minimum requirement to get your exterior repainted and qualifies for a warranty. Making sure they only use the same brand throughout the whole exterior painting process is also essential to get the warranty for whichever brand you choose.

If you want to find out more more about how you can get your exterior painting done in a professional way, Message us to Visit www.painting.com.sg for more information or speak to a painter today!

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