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Anti Algae Exterior Paint

Algae growth is one of the most common repeated issue property owners faced all the time.

After repainting works done, due to rain and shine, algae growth appears at unreachable areas on the exterior walls and it can be a eye sore.

Erecting height access like timber scaffolding can be costly just to get that few spots done.

The only way to get rid of it again is to wait for the next time you decides to repaint your walls.

One way to prevent algae growth for your exterior is to use good anti algae paint that has proven to work in our line of work.

Here are some suggestions we used over the years that works.

  1. Nippon Paint Weather bond Algae Guard. This paint is developed specifically for Singapore’s climate. It helps to prevent streak marks to keep your exterior facade clean and have enhanced resistance to fungi and algae growth to keep your exterior walls durable and free from algae.
  2. Jotun Tough Shield. Another paint made to fight against algae and fungi growth due to rain and sunlight. This paint is also free from harmful chemical like APEO, formaldehyde and heavy metals.
  3. Dulux Weather shield. This paint is a Singapore green label certified paint by Dulux. Its function includes algae and fungi resistance as well as heat reflective property that helps to reduce temperature by up to 5 degree celsius. Helping you save on electrical bill as well.
  4. Raffles Paint R.Weather. A recently developed brand in Singapore that focus a lot on being eco friendly.This paint is a high performance paint that is ultra resistance to dirt, water, alkali, chemical and peeling and Anti stain. Not forgetting it is also free from APEO , formaldehyde and heavy metal.

These are the 4 main brands we have used in repainting exterior walls for our clients in Singapore and are proven to work mainly in prevent algae growth. These paint can also keep exterior colour strong and durable over time due to their function in protection against UV and suits our climate in Singapore.

Below is a general pricing provided by Painting.com.sg.

To find out more from each brand exterior painting deals you can visit:

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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