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Where To Find Budget Painting Services?

As a painting company that have more than 10 years experience in providing painting services for homes in Singapore, we have received hundreds of enquires on home owners and tenants looking for budget painting services.

Question is, is there really a painting service that can be done at a budget?

Home owners or tenants could be looking for a painting service for their properties at a budget for a few reasons.

Mainly, to beautify their homes for the purpose of selling or renting it out and some wanting a budget painting service as price could be a constraint.

Lets look at some ways home owners and tenant can get their homes painted within a budget.

First the 2 main cost of painting a home is the paint material and the labour cost needed to get your place painted.

For paint material, there are various brands in Singapore that offers low priced paint that are of decent quality.

  1. Nippon Paint Matex
  2. Dulux Maxilite
  3. Raffles Paint Anti Smell
  4. Focus Anti Mould

For homes that needs a fresh coat of paint at a low budget can choose these paint material for their home painting project.

Another thing to consider is if the current walls and ceiling have any defects like peeling, discolouration, chalking, mouldy or yellow stained walls. When these defects surface on the walls, a coat of sealer is needed and this will incur additional cost to it.

Many home owners would assume it is not necessary and its a choice. But, without it, the painting cannot be done as the walls will surface all these defects in a instant.

Secondly, would be the labour cost or man days to complete the painting. A furnished home and a empty home demands different amount of time and work needed to get your home painted. If it is empty, less work is needed to move things around and protected when carrying out the painting works.

So, if you are living in the house, expect cost to be higher and if its empty you can get a painting service at a budget.

With this 2 main cost in mind, a budget painting service can be achieved based on what is required to be done, what you as a home owner or tenant wants from the painting job.

By having a clear understanding on these factors, then you can decide if you just want a cheap painting service or a paint job that fulfill your requirements at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a painting service within your budget and wants to find out how its done and what paint fits your requirement visit us at www.painting.com.sg and speak to a professional painter.

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