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In Singapore, condominium is a common housing option for many home owners. Paintland had been providing painting services for condominiums for the past decade. 

The differences between painting a HDB flat and a condominium is the duration it takes and the regulation that we need to follow when carrying out painting services in a private estate.

First of all, generally condominium takes slightly longer then a same sized HDB flat due to the height of the ceiling which is higher thus taking more time and also the time allowed for painting works to be carried out within the estate. Most condominiums only allows work from 9-5 pm on weekdays and up to 1 pm on saturday. With this limited time frame, painting works can take longer to complete.

Painting service for condominium unit is the same as any interior painting system. The process follows the same:

  1. Laying of onsite protection
  2. Patching of hairline cracks
  3. Application of 1 coat of sealer
  4. Application of 2 coats of paint of choice

If you are interested to find out more and the different paint packages we have as well as what your home needs for a professional painting service. Get in touch with use below.

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