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End Of Tenancy Services

End of tenancy services is a much needed service that many tenants, landlords or agents are looking for. The objective is to get your security deposit back when your tenancy ends and make sure the place you rent is ready for the next tenant.

Lets look at some key end of tenancy services that are needed at this point.

  1. End of Tenancy Cleaning Services
  2. End of Tenancy Painting Services
  3. Removal of bulking items
  4. General Handyman works
  5. Parquet varnishing
  6. Marble polishing

Lets go deeper into each services.

End of tenancy cleaning services is done to make sure the place that you rented or rent out is deep cleaned in every corner of the unit.

Some standard cleaning works that will be done:

  • Kitchen and toilet deep cleaning of tiles and accessories
  • Floor tiles to cleaned off grease, dirt and chemically cleaned
  • Windows(internal) to be cleaned
  • Fixtures like cabinets and lightings to be cleaned
  • Remaining movable furnishing to be cleaned
  • Kitchen grease trap to be degreased

Next will be end of tenancy painting services. Walls and ceiling will be repainted according to the colour tones and paint requirement as stated in the contract. existing defects like mould, chalk, holes and hairline cracks developed during the tenancy to be reinstated with a fresh coat of paint.

For homes that requires disposal of old furnishing and dismantling works is also another common end of tenancy service that is provided to make the whole process much easier for tenants or landlords. Bulky items are required to be disposed in a proper manner especially in Singapore that illegal disposing can be fined.

General Handyman Services

Wear and tear often takes place after a tenancy. Works like changing of lightbulbs, aircon servicing, minor plumbing works, grouting and silicon works are common works needed at the end of a tenancy to make good and ready for handover.

Floor Care Services

When doing a handover, one of the most common defects highlighted by owner is the floor. scratches on floor, dirty floors will need to be reinstated for handover. Some common care works that can be done will be parquet varnishing, marble polishing, vinyl flooring deep cleaning, tiles deep cleaning.

Above are the common end of tenancy works that we handle over our 12 years of experience in the maintenance industry serving landlords and tenants. By tenants doing their due diligence in getting these end of tenancy works done up according to the contract signed, it will ensure a 100% returns of your security deposit for your next move.

If you are looking for a budgetary costing and find out more about end of tenancy services mentioned above before moving out give us a call at 6522 7803 to understand further.

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