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End Tenancy Cleaning Services

Are you curious what works are being done in a standard end tenancy cleaning service package?

Lets look at what works are being covered and what are the add ons usually when comes to the end of your tenancy.

  1. Floors: All floors will be cleaned, sweep, mop.
  2. Furnishing: All furnitures will be cleaned and wiped with deep cleaning detergent exterior and interior
  3. Fixtures like fan and accessories will be wiped down to clear of dirt, grease and dust.
  4. Kitchen: All kitchen fixtures like stove, oven will be degreased and cleaned down.
  5. Toilet: All toilet fixtures will be cleaned
  6. Toilet floors and walls will be chemically cleaned

Above are the general works that will be done in most end tenancy cleaning contracts. Usually quoted with or without cleaning chemical and tools.

Lets now look at what other work are usually requested for end tenancy works.

  1. Removal of bulking items
  2. Painting services
  3. Floor polishing services
  4. Handyman works
  5. Aircon Servicing
  6. Moving Services

Most contractors in Singapore provides end tenancy cleaning services but without the other works. Chances are, you will need to coordinate with multiple contractors or get a main con to coordinate for you at a higher cost to get the works done.

If your landlord is nice, and contract states, you can handover as it is.

If not, getting all the necessary end tenancy works done will allow you to get your security deposit back which usually is a substantial amount and provides a seamless hand over

So, if you are ending your tenancy and looking for a 1 stop service provider:

There is a number to call for a FREE survey to list down all the items that needs to be done with some pricing range to expect.

For Professional Painting works with different brands:

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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