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Painting.com.sg, beside providing home owners and commercial landlords and tenants painting services for their properties, we also specialise in Epoxy painting in Singapore to provide a one stop solution for all Paint related works.

In Singapore, Epoxy are divided into 2 segments, one is for industrial usage and another one is for home usage. You must be wondering how does epoxy comes into use in a home.

Industrial usage will be for floor coating for heavy duty usage as well for very specific use in industrial flooring and walls that needs epoxy that are anti static or dust free or chemical resistance.

For home usage, the trend of having epoxy coating for ceramic tiles or cement screed flooring is starting to become very popular due to the increase in colours choices as well as the characteristic of being very resistance to grease and heat. Another very important reason customers want to do epoxy for their homes mainly their kitchen and toilets walls and floor is due to it being anti slip. It prevents people from having slippery floor and falling down.

Understanding that a high degree of expertise is needed in this area, Painting.com.sg is definitely the No.1 Choice for Epoxy Coating in Singapore to property owners.

There are many specifications for Epoxy painting services that is provided and also necessary for each individual customers needs

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