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Today we will be talking about exterior paint in Singapore. We will show you a few brands that we as a painter will recommend to our clients based on functionality, durability and most important suiting our Singapore’s weather.

The first brand exterior paint we will talk about is Nippon Paint Weather bond.

This is a SS345 quality standard paint that is very durable and provides a good protection against very common issues that property owner face like cracking on the walls, algae growth on the walls and chalking.

This paint provides a good protection against these common issues and can last for a good 5-10 years before a repaint.

This paint comes in a few variation that we can choose but generally the functionality is more or less the same. Some variations will be Economy Exterior Paint, Super Weather bond that mainly only comes in light tones, Weather bond and Weather bond with algae guard.

The second brand exterior paint is Dulux Paint Weather shield.

This is similar to Nippon Paint in terms of functionality and durability.

It provides good protection against algae and one thing to highlight its it Keep Cool heat reflective property.

It helps to reduce surface temperature and provides a colour lock technology that prevents colour tones fading from UV.

Some variation will be Weather shield itself as will as Weather shield Powerflex.

The third brand will be Raffles Paint R. weather. 

This brand is considered new in Singapore. Having made a wave in Singapore as a upcoming paint brand, it provides very good functionality in terms of prevention against Algae, good protection from sunlight UV rays as well as being a no formaldehyde and alkyl phenol ethoxylate paint.

This brand comes in mainly 2 variation in terms of exterior paint products.

First one is Raffles Paint R. Weather and the other one is Raffles Paint R.One Exterior & Interior Paint.

This R.one provides a 2 in 1 function where you do not need to apply a coat of sealer before applying this paint thus saving time.

The fourth brand will be Jotun Paint Jota shield.

When it comes to Jotun, it basically breaks up the functions of the paint and provides a focus on what is needed for your walls.

Depending on your wall conditions, it have a product that fits that purpose.

For Algae resistant and good UV protection there is Jota shield colour extreme.

For the purpose of self cleaning there is Jota shield Ultra clean.

For temperature control there is Jota shield Anti fade colours.

Last one will be weatherproofing paint Jota shield Flex.

Every function they have a different paint product for it. Basically the main function will be protection against your exterior for algae, UV protection, Colour protection and prevent common issue like cracks.

Above are the top 4 brands we think are considered the best exterior paint in Singapore and easily accessible.

If you are looking for a direct painting contractor and wants to find out more about exterior paint you  can visit the following sites.

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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