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Step By Step Guide To Exterior Painting

There are 70 000 and counting landed homes in Singapore. Not mentioning the condominiums, commercial buildings and apartments that will need exterior painting to upkeep the surface and outlook of your exterior.

Today we will go through the step by step guide to get your exterior painted in a professional way.

Step 1: Assessing your height requirements and access equipments.
There are multiple ways to reach a certain height to get your exterior painting done safely.

Should you use timber scaffolding, boom lifts, metal scaffolding or rope access to get it painted. This will determine the cost of getting your exterior painting done correctly and allows a safe work procedure.

Step 2: Jet washing your exterior walls.
Over years, exterior walls are exposed to rain, sun, dirt and particles sticking to your walls and some forms algae that can be unsightly. Jet washing your exterior is essentially the most important step before starting the paint process.

Step 3: Patching up cracks on the walls.
This is the third step and the reason for doing this is to make sure cracks are patched up and checked so that waterproofing issues are solved to prevent further damages that can be costly if unattended.

Step 4: Application of 1 coat of exterior sealer.
This is the white base coat that professional painters will always apply before the actual paint to seal up pores that we cannot see from our naked eyes. It acts a protective layer to make your exterior walls more durable as well as for the new paint to last longer and prevents issues like peeling and discolouration.

Step 5: Application of 2 coats of weather resistant paint.
Always choose paint that meet exterior walls standards that can withstand the weather. Use paint that meets quality and functional standards like SS345. They protects the exterior walls and meet functions like Algae protection, chalk protection and prevents peeling and cracking for long periods of time.

Above 5 steps will cover all the things you need to know to get your exterior painting done in a professional ways that allows you to get a warranty period of 5-10 years depending on the paint brand you choose.

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Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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