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Being a part of Singapore of 728.6 sq metres land area, Simpang is one of those that have the luxury of being very near to the beach.

A fair combination of HDB, condominiums and landed properties built around Simpang for an estimated population of 150,000 .

Constantly upgrading in this area have contributed to an increased demand in professional painting services for the past 10 years and will continue to grow with new developments coming up.

Fellow Singaporeans love to change homes and this also increases the volume of homeowners getting their home painted to beautify as well as to solve common issues that happen in tropical weathered Singapore.

Common issues like mouldy walls, chalky walls and cracks happen in 99% of houses due to bad recommendations of the paint system and application techniques that do not solve the root paint problem.

Looking into the internet, you will easily find painting services at a budget or fixed price to get your place painted without actually solving your “Why” you need to paint your house.

Every home is unique on its own and getting it right once will not only save your money as well as save your time and headaches in the long term..

No one standard process fits every single home.
Especially for landed homes that need exterior and interior to be painted.

Proper procedures for every step of painting your home needs to be done to get a nicely done and durable paint job.

Painting your home would likely be one of the cheapest ways to make a significant change to your living space compared to doing a major renovation in terms of cost as well as time needed.

A HDB or condo usually takes 1-4 days to complete and for bigger homes like landed properties and large sized condo about 5 days to as long as 1 month for a landed home.

If you are living in Simpang area and looking for HDB Painting Services in SimpangCondo Painting Services in Simpang or House Painting Services in Simpang and would like to find a reliable painter to paint your home, you can Whatsapp or call 9843 3982 to fix an onsite survey with our team in Simpang.

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