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How much does it cost to paint a 2 room flat?

The most common question being asked all the time is “How much does it cost to paint my house”.

This is a question that many home owners like yourself will like to find out when it is time to paint your house.

With so many different pricing available online, it can be confusing to determine how much does it really cost to paint my house.

Many painting companies will ask for a onsite survey to determine a accurate costing and this is necessary because every house is different in terms of current conditions, amount of surface preparation needed to get a proper paint job done as well as type of paint you need that meets your requirement.

As a home owner you should allow a onsite survey to prevent any additional cost that comes into play only when the painters are up at your house and you are being pressured to pay more because there were miscommunications over the phone on the statues of your place and the actual work needed to be done.

Lets dive into the price range for a 2 room flat with the different types of packages available to get your house painted.

  1. Basic Matex Painting Package $480-$600
  2. Standard Vinilex 5000 Painting Package $600-$750
  3. Washable Easy wash Painting Package $800-$900
  4. Odourless all in 1 Painting Package $1000-$1100
  5. Odourless Medifresh/Easywash Painting Packages $1200-$1300

Above pricing is a 2 coat paint system that includes patching of cracks on walls not amounting to plastering of walls and for empty and furnished homes.

Next lets look at the additional cost that you might need to consider to get your home painted.

  • Sealer work $150-$250
  • Doors and frames per number $50-$70
  • Pipes per number $50-$70
  • Wall preparation works like spalling concrete $150-$400
  • Anti Mould treatment $100-$400
  • Anti Chalk treatment $100-$400

This is a general guide on how much it cost to paint a 2 room flat in Singapore and can varies with different painting companies.

If you are looking for a direct painting contractor and look at different paint packages you can visit

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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