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How much paint do i need to paint my HDB flat?

There are quite a few types of HDB flats in Singapore . Located all over Singapore, more then 80% of Singaporeans owns HDB flats or live in 1 .

Lets find out how much paint is needed for each flat types mainly 2 room flats, 3 room flats, 4 room flats, 5 room flats, Executive flats and lastly Maisonette.

First of all, highly recommended, always start with a coat of sealer before even actually applying paint to your walls and ceiling.

Being the based coat, for walls and ceiling, the first thing to consider is the type of sealer that you need. Should you choose oil based sealer or water based sealer.

Certain type of conditions will require you to go for oil based sealer. Here are some examples to give you a better understanding if oil based sealer is necessary.

  1. Chalky surface
  2. Mouldy surface
  3. smoke stains surface ( especially for homes that prays with joss stick, or smokes in home)
  4. Cemented surfaces.
  5. Dark coloured walls

For brand new homes or newly plastered walls, water based sealer will be good enough.

Here is a table for the amount of sealer needed for each flat type:

  • 2 room flat 10 litres
  • 3 room flat 12 litres
  • 4 room flat 15 litres
  • 5 room flat 20 litres
  • Executive flat 20-25 litres
  • Maisonette flat 30 litres

Next will be the 2 coats of paint. There are various options for you to choose in terms of functionality of the paint that you required. A general estimate of paint needed to paint your different types of flat will be shown below:

The amount of paint will be for 2 coats for your walls and ceiling.

  • 2 room flat 10 litres for ceiling and 10 litres for walls
  • 3 room flat 10 litres for ceiling and 15 litres for walls
  • 4 room flat 15 litres for ceiling and 20 litres for walls
  • 5 room flat 20 litres for ceiling and 25 litres for walls
  • Executive flat 20 litres for ceiling and 30 litres for walls
  • Maisonette flat 30 litres for ceiling and 40 litres for walls

Some conditions to take into consideration to better understand the amount of paint you need for your walls and ceiling will be such as the current colour of your walls and the new colour you want. if currently the colour is dark and you want to change it to a light colour, you will need more coats that equates to more paint needed.

Vice Versa, if the current colour is light and you want a strong and dark colour, more coats will also be needed.

Especially when sealer is not applied, more coats of paint will be needed to cover up existing colours and end up needing more work, more time wasted and a larger amount of paint needed to achieve a consistent paint coverage.

This is a DIY guide if you choose to paint your HDB flat yourself.

If you are looking for professional painting you can visit www.painting.com.sg for our painting packages for HDB flats.

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