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How to paint a room?

Painting a room can be so much fun with the the available paint and textured paint in the market. Question is how to paint a room without creating a mess and paint it like a professional?

There are a few steps to follow and tools you will need to start painting your own room. We will hold your hand and show you the tools you need to prepare, the amount of paint you will need and finally step by step to get your room painted.

Tools that you will need to get your room painted. For eg, we will be using a standard HDB room.

  1. Wall paint 5 litres
  2. Ceiling paint 2 litres
  3. Sealer 2-3 litres
  4. A 5 foot wooden pole or a aluminium pole
  5. 2-3 Paint tray
  6. 2  6inch roller one for your walls and ceiling and one for your sealer application
  7. 1 2.5 inch brush to paint up the corners and edges
  8. 2-3 painters tape to tape up the skirting and edges
  9. 2 pieces of plastic sheets for your floor protection and furnishing
  10. 1 Black plastic bin bag to dispose off used items
  11. 1 small pack of s11 putty

Above are the items you will need to start painting your room. if you want to get all these items without getting out of your house, call 6522 7803 and it will be delivered to you FOC

Next lets talk about the step by step procedure to get your room painted.

  1. Move your furnishing to the middle of the room or out of the room.
  2. Lay out plastic protection over your furnishing.
  3. Use painters’ tape to tape up your skirting, your door frames, your lighting switches and your aircon.
  4. Next is sweep off any dust/dirt from your walls and ceiling
  5. Use S11 putty to patch up any hairline cracks, holes you do not want anymore and let it dry for 10 minutes.
  6. Using sealer as the first coat. Apply it over your walls and ceiling and let it dry for 1 hour.
  7. Once ready, start with painting the ceiling if colour is different from your walls. 2 coats min.
  8. Next, apply 2 coats of paint to your walls with the 6 inch roller.
  9. After above is done, use the brush to paint up all the edges and corners. 2 coats as well.
  10. Lastly, when all is done, clean up.

Have Fun Painting your room today! If you need a professional to get it done for you and the different packages we have to offer visit www.painting.com.sg

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