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When we plan or decides to paint our house. Chances are the first paint company you or me will think about will be Nippon Paint.

Established in Singapore for more then 6 decades, it is probably the most popular brand in Singapore.

Nippon Paint can be found in almost every corner of Singapore and as a painter, 90% of home owners we met choose Nippon Paint to get their home painted.

Lets look at the different paint they provide as well as how much does it cost using Nippon Painting Services in Singapore.

Nippon Paint basically have the following ranges of paint for different functions and home owner needs.

  • Nippon Matex Paint a matt finish entry level paint that is anti fungi and water based paint.
  • Nippon Vinilex 5000 Paint is a matt finishing popular choice for many home owners who wants a mould resistant low odour paint
  • Nippon Easy wash Paint is another popular choice. It is a soft sheen finishing paint that has teflon making it washable, mould resistant and low odour.
  • Nippon Odourless all in 1 Paint is one you will never miss. A sumo wrestler painting his house for his family. A high quality Near zero VOC, almost zero odour paint that is perfect for home owners who are sensitive to smell and wants all the function of mould resistant, washable and near zero VOC.
  • Nippon Odourless Easy wash and Nippon Odourless Medi fresh. Imagine what you get for easy wash paint or medi fresh, 2X its function and add in odourless function we present these 2 range of paint.
  • Nippon Anti Mosquito Paint. A paint that is slowly gaining popularity. this paint prevents mosquitoes come coming into your house.
  • Nippon Virus Guard Paint. Another paint that was launched during the Covid Pandemic. A paint that kills off germs and virus that stays on your walls and ceiling to lower the chance of getting infected.

After knowing its function lets look at the different cost to paint your home using Nippon Painting Services for HDB and Condominium.

If you are looking for a direct painting contractor and look at different paint packages you can visit

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg


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