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We were checking out what are the different searches people look for when looking for painting services, one that stands out is “Painting Services Near Me”.

For many bigger countries, it is quite common to look for a painter that serve that area or town. In Singapore, as we are considered small, it is not necessary as most painting companies provides their service to all parts of Singapore island wide.

I believe what matter most will be how fast does the paint company provides a on site inspection for you to get a accurate costing on painting your place.

We do receive some comments from clients that mentioned some paint companies do not like to travel too far to provide a costing especially if your place is in Sentosa or if your commercial space is in Jurong island or in the tuas region.

A general idea of the key services we provide island wide will be interior painting, exterior painting for the residential and commercial spaces.

Interior Painting
Interior Painting is provided for homes and commercial spaces. Different spaces comes in different sizes and conditions. Different types of paint for different types of requirements. Finding out the right paint and right application practices will allow you to make more informed decision on a painting service that is long lasting and durable.

Exterior Painting
Exterior Painting is provided mainly for landed homes and commercial spaces. This is a segment that freelancers tends to stay away due to the safety requirements and long warranty period of 5 years that professional painters provides in partnership with the paint manufacturer. Having a professional painter doing your exterior will allow you to get a proper job done.

To get a accurate costing and free on site inspection to understand how the process works you can visit

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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