Painting Services Singapore

Painting Services

There are at least 500 painting companies in Singapore providing all sort of painting services.

From interior painting to exterior painting to textured coating and floor coating. There are plenty of choices for property owners.

But, how many are really professional painters that are experts in what they are doing?

Lets look at what are the various painting services available in Singapore.

  1. Interior Painting Services. This service is provided by most painters in Singapore as it is one of the most highly sought after service with new homes being built and existing homes needing a fresh coat of paint for festivals or simply to solve common issues like mould, chalk and peeling paint.
  2. Exterior Painting Services. As in Singapore, most building or homes are built with concrete surfaces, maintenance works are needed like repainting your exterior is essential to prevent further damages like leakages and cracks that leads to waterproofing issues.
  3. Epoxy floor coating. Commonly found in office flooring, production flooring. Epoxy floor coating had been around and gaining more popularity due to its durability and affordable costing compared to other types of flooring. On top that, it comes in various function that is essential especially in commercial properties due to its chemical resistance and anti static properties that can prevent dust from sticking to the floor.
  4. Textured Coating. This is a painting service that is gaining popularity by home owners. Examples of textured coating will be momento paint by NIPPON PAINT, Lime wash paint, travertino paint, marble finishing paint for walls that brings out a different class and improves the overall concept of your whole house.

Above such painting services are the more common services being provided by painters in Singapore.

Below are 3 companies that provide the above painting services using different brands of paint.

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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