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Painting.com.sg is founded by Paintland in 2012 to provide professional painting services in Singapore. In Singapore, painters are generally not seen as a professional trade and the only thing that really closes a deal is giving low ball pricing . Thus, in order to survive and get new jobs, painters start to develop a way to counter this by using low quality paint and use illegal workers to bring down the cost for the job. 

This is something we at Paintland, wants to change. We believe that in the million of homes in Singapore, there will be home owners who wants quality paint with experienced painters at reasonable pricing. 

Our biggest mission is to make painting services a professional work and allow home owners who wants a good paint job a avenue to find professionals easily in Singapore.

Providing 4 main painting services locally has built us a reputation of using good quality paint from various paint manufacturers in Singapore and also allow us to attract and retain experienced and professional painting team that have at least 10 years experience doing painting on a daily basic.

The 4 main services we provide are Interior Painting Services, Exterior Painting Services, Epoxy Painting Services and Textured wall & Lime wash Painting Services. 

These 4 main services covers the bulk of painting services we provide in Singapore and we strike to be the painting company that home owners will love and support in years to come. 

Talk to you soon on your painting needs!

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