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  1. Painting.com.sg provides full reinstatement services to our valued customers.

Moving out of your existing home or offices and need a trustworthy experience reinstatement contractor to handle the job and deliver a seamless and painless experience according to landlord and building management requirements?

What we handle for you? 

First of all when you shift to a new location, to hand over to the owner will be to remove existing finishing on the walls, ceiling or flooring to make good or to return to its original conditions

Interior Reinstatements
Walls to be repainted
Hacking & Demolishing works
Flooring to be reinstated to cement screed or epoxy coated
Existing flooring to be polished like marble, parquet or tiles
Electrical points and existing lightingĂ‚ accessories to be made good and reinstate
Plumbing works to be reinstated to original points
Fire Sprinklers to be reinstated to the original plan
Air Condition And Air Ducts
Ceiling works to be reinstated or remove
Cleaning works to be carried out to be ready for handover

Exterior Reinstatements
Walls to be jet washed or painted
Waterproofing works
Electrical works
Plumbing works
Cladding to make good
Landscaping to be done if necessary
Carpark areas to be Repainted and lines redrawn
Minor Repair works to exterior compound
Cleaning up of exterior compound

When it comes to reinstatement works, it is essential to consider a few factors that will determined the procession of the whole reinstatement works

1) Time management. Time is of essence to reinstate the current property and move on to the next operation location. Managing the time needed for a smooth transition is essential. 

2) Budget management. Having a clear budget from the start of the reinstatement works will enable your company and you to not overspend on reinstating as most of the time, reinstating a property that do not belongs to you can be a pain. 

3) Safety and MCST management. Understanding what needs to be done and meeting all the requirements needed by the building management will allow you to meet the time allocated and also do get reinstated on budget. Find a reinstatement contractor that knows the regulations will allow a smooth transition.

For a clearer understanding on your reinstatement enquires check these 3 companies out

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg

Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg

Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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