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Rope Access Exterior Painting

Rope access can be used for many works for exterior.

Some works that we use rope access aka spider man for

  1. Exterior cleaning
  2. Exterior repair works
  3. Exterior waterproofing works
  4. Exterior painting works
  5. Exterior grouting works
  6. Exterior inspection works

Rope access is gaining popularity over the years as exterior buildings and landed properties are built closer to each other and traditional height access like boom lift and scaffolding might not be flexible enough to access to certain areas to carry out the works.

When some buildings are built so close together or do not have space for scaffolding to be erected or boom lift to move close enough to the building, it creates a issue to get the necessary work done.

Rope access is also more cost effective compared to timber scaffolding or metal scaffolding for certain works.

One good example is painting services.

Rope access allows our guys to reach inaccessible areas around the building or landed property and provide a complete solution to get the painting done.

Over the years, cost for timber scaffolding has gone up by at least 30% especially during the pandemic period when import of timber has gone up as well as projects take longer periods of time to complete thus, contributing to a shortage of timber and aluminium scaffolding.

Other methods like scaffolding and boom lift equipments needs a lot of space and creates a series of inconvenience to building owners and landed property owners where space is a concern.

Because of all these reasons, rope access become a preferred choice for many works that deals with the exterior.

Many building owners and landed property owners are taking serious consideration into rope access to get their exterior works done in a professional, cost effective and safe manner.

Another benefit of rope access is the turnover time needed to get the works done. It is faster to get works like painting, cleaning and waterproofing done compared to using a boom lift where only 2 person can access the area.

If you are exploring options on getting your exterior painting done with rope access below are some links you can consider to find out more.

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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