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Textured Paint in Singapore

Have you been to your friend’s or family’s home and notice they have a featured wall that stands out from the rest of home?

And you wondered what type of paint or material is that?

Starting to gain popularity locally, there are several different types of textured paint available in Singapore.

Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Sand Texture Paint: This type of textured paint contains sand particles that create a rough, grainy surface when applied. Sand texture paint is often used on exterior walls, as it is durable and can help to hide imperfections.
  2. Stucco Texture Paint: Stucco texture paint contains aggregates such as marble or quartz that create a raised, patterned surface when applied. It is commonly used on interior walls and can provide a unique and decorative finish.
  3. Stone Texture Paint: Stone texture paint contains stone or mineral particles that create a natural, stone-like texture when applied. This type of textured paint is often used in outdoor settings, such as on fences or walls, to create a rugged and natural look.
  4. Metallic Texture Paint: Metallic texture paint contains metallic pigments that create a shiny, reflective finish when applied. It is commonly used on interior walls and can provide a glamorous and modern look.
  5. Plaster Texture Paint: Plaster texture paint contains gypsum or plaster particles that create a smooth, plaster-like finish when applied. It is often used on interior walls and can provide a traditional, classic look.
  6. Rockstone Texture Paint: Rockstone texture paint contains small, round particles that create a bumpy, popcorn-like surface when applied. It is often used on ceilings and can help to absorb sound and provide a unique look. it used to be a popular textured coating for interior walls. Now, Many exterior walls used this finishing to add gradient and prevents water marks and algae to form on their exterior walls.
  7. Lime wash Texture Paint: Lime wash texture paint is made by mixing lime putty with water and natural pigments. When applied to a surface, it creates a thin, translucent layer that allows the underlying texture of the surface to show through. It is gaining popularity in Singapore as it simply provides multi tones textured coating and its a natural product that is eco friendly and health focus.

Above are some examples of textured coating in Singapore.

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