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Top 3 Common Defects On Walls

How often is it that you come across these Top 3 defects on walls in your friends’ home or even your own home?

Today we will talk about the top 3 defects most commonly faced by homes in Singapore based on our site surveys that we did over the past 10 years.

Continue reading to see if this is actually happening in your home and how you can solve this defects and prevent it from happening again and gain.

The first defect is mouldy walls. Mouldy walls is a common sight in many homes and one of the main reason home owners need a paint job. The problem is most owners will be influence by paint companies and believe mouldy walls can be solved by apply “Anti Mould” paint to the affected areas.

This is a huge huge mistake. In fact, the best way to encourage mould to grow even faster is applying paint or “Anti Mould” paint to cover up moulds. Mould feeds on paint. and by applying directly over to cover up the moulds will allows mould to grow faster and spreads faster.

The proper process is first apply a mould killer or mould wash to clean off the root of the problem first. Only after doing that, once moulds are all killed off, then you will need to apply 1 coat of sealer or some call it primer to seal off the pores on the walls or ceiling. Then the final step is to apply 2 coats of anti mould paint over to prevent moulds from appearing.

The best prevention of mould will always keeping your space ventilated. Do not hang wet items like towels and cloth inside the toilets, inside the rooms and open up your windows to keep air flowing. If it needs to be closed up, install a window fan to keep the air flowing inside main areas like toilets to prevent moisture from being stuck within the space in your home.

The second most common wall problem is chalky walls. Chalky walls are sights where you will notice a thin layer of powdery substance on your walls. Many assumed it to be mould but actually they are not. They are a powdery residue form on your walls due to certain factors and can be prevented.

This chalky walls can be harmful to health especially if you have a family member or yourself having sensitive skin or respiratory issues.

Painting over it again and again will not solve your problem as they are a stubborn bunch and will keep coming back.

The proper process is to apply a coat of anti chalk solution that most brands provides before going through the painting process of sealer and paint. There is no anti chalk paint thats why a anti chalk solution is a necessary step before the paint works.

The third most common issue is oil stained walls(yellow stains). This is another common issue as quite a number of homes have the habit of putting joss sticks and smoke from candles or simply just smoking cigarettes.

What we do not notice is all these smokes that flows within the home sticks to the walls and ceiling and forms a layer of yellow oil stains. Cleaning it with detergent is not going to help.

The proper process is apply 1 coat of solvent based sealer over the surface then you can apply 2 coats of paint. Choose paint that are washable like weather resistance paint so that you can clean it over time. Using a standard ceiling paint will not allow you to clean it up as the paint will be cleaned off as well.

Above all the top 3 most common wall problems faced by many home owners in Singapore.

To find out how a professional can help you solve these issues you can visit www.painting.com.sg 

Thank you and have a great day ahead!

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