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Top 5 Paint Brands In Singapore

Singapore is a small nation but when it comes to paint brands, we have a wide variety of paint brands established here.

Today we will talk about the top 5 paint brands in Singapore based on a few criteria. First we will look at accessibility of getting the paint, a general understanding of the different ranges it provides as well popularity of brand as requested by home owners as a painter ourselves.

  1. Nippon Paint- This is a brand almost anyone looking for paint will know. Established in Singapore in the 1960s, it has built a reputation of good quality paint and it can be accessed in all parts of Singapore easily by home owners as well as painters. With it wide selection of colours as well as functionality like Mould resistant paint, Washable paint, Low VOC and to the extend of Anti Virus, Anti Mosquitoes. Nippon Paint have researched and manufactured almost all sort of paint required.
  2. Dulux Paint- Formally knowns as ICI paint in Singapore before the takeover. Dulux paint comparable to Nippon Paint has established its brand in Singapore for decades. Providing home owner with quality paint material for interior and exterior like Dulux Pentalite, Dulux Wash & Wear, Dulux All and Dulux Ambiance to name a few that has proven to be durable and easy to maintain. In terms of accessibility, it is generally easy to get but not as accessible as Nippon Paint
  3. Raffles Paint- Considered a young paint brand in Singapore, Raffles Paint started with a bam. Filling in the gaps that has proven to be a successful launch in Singapore. Providing functions like Anti Mould, Zero VOC, Washable and 100% odourless quality paint and partnering with major paint dealers to improve accessibility around Singapore with a online store for ease of purchase. A new brand to look at in the near future.
  4. Gush Paint- Clean and simple look to this brand for its key qualities like washability, odourless, Zero VOC that can cleans up the air around you has always been what home owners are seeking for their homes. A paint brand to look at as well in the near future as more home owners seek for quality paint that are eco friendly and health focus
  5. Jotun Paint- Being a very establish brand in Singapore, from interior paint to exterior paint and epoxy paint. Jotun had been around for decades. As a painter ourselves, we love using their epoxy paint as it is durable and priced reasonably. For their interior and exterior paint, probably due to a lack of exposure, it is seldom requested by home owners in Singapore.

Above are the top 5 paint brands in Singapore that is based on our own judgement and frequency of request by home owners that hired us to do painting works for them.

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