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Cheapest Painting Services in Singapore

In my 10 years experiences as a painter and operating a painting company, i have heard many enquires from home owners needing a simple paint job or cheapest possible way to do it to get a fresh coat of paint.

Is this possible? to a certain extend yes.

First of all, you will need to know that to get the cheapest painting service possible, you will you compromising on quality of the paint job.

But of course, there are home owners who needs a paint job, a white wash just to make the place clean and fresh coat of paint to sell or rent the place out. You probably would not want to pay more if thats your purpose.

To get the cheapest painting service or a budget painting service, what you need to do is communicate your purpose upfront and manage your expectations.

When painters like me understand your purpose, we will be able to provide the cheapest painting solution to you.

One thing we need to consider as well is the current state of your property.

Does it need a coat of sealer or it can be done with just a basic 2 coats of white paint to get the job done.

A basic paint like Nippon Paint Matex or Dulux Paint Maxilite will be good enough to get the painting job done.

Lets look at what kind of prices you will be looking at for different HDB homes and sqft of condominiums. Prices will be based on a empty unit with no need for sealer and any major surface preparation. Current colour will be white as well.

HDB Flats:

  1. 2 room flat $480
  2. 3 room flat $580
  3. 4 room flat $880
  4. 5 room flat $980
  5. Executive flat $1180
  6. Maisonette $1480


  1. 350-500sqft $580
  2. 501-700sqft $680
  3. 701-900qft $880
  4. 901-1100sqft $1080
  5. 1101-1300sqft $1180
  6. 1301-1500sqft $1380
  7. 1501 & above view to quote

Landed Properties and commercial spaces will be quoted on site as they comes in different sizes and configuration and timing to determine the works needed to be done.

Above are the prices for a basic painting service and if other additional works are needed like sealer or surface preparation and furnished homes prices will be adjusted accordingly.

This is a general guide on how much it cost to paint the different types of homes with the cheapest painting options.

If you are looking for a direct painting contractor and look at different paint packages you can visit

Nippon Paint www.painting.com.sg
Dulux Paint www.paintingsolutions.com.sg
Raffles Paint www.paint.com.sg

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